International Video Conference ” Maternal and Child Health: The Double Challenge in Non Communicable Diseases and The COVID-19 Pandemic”

SEMARANG – Non-Communicable Diseases  are diseases that are deemed not to be transmitted or spread from someone to other people, so it is not a threat to others. Non-communicable diseases become a major health burden in developing and industrial countries. Based on WHO reports on Non-Communicable Diseases in Asia, there are five Non-Communicable Diseases with very high levels of morbidity and mortality, there are heart disease, diabetes mellitus, hypertension, cancer and chronic obstructive respiratory disease.

Attention to non-communicable diseases is increasing day by day, due to the increasing frequency of occurrence in the community that causes death. The socio-economic and cultural development of the nation then demands epidemiology to notice non-communicable diseases because it has begun to increase in accordance with the development of society.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is a technological device that is utilized in data management, compilation, storage and manipulation of data through various ways to process and convey quality information.

In this modern era ICT has become a basic necessity. including in the pandemic of Covid-19 period. Pandemic Covid-19 has changed almost the entire order of life. One of them is a very big need, that is meeting face to face, but the participants are in different locations. These needs eventually led to webinars.

Webinar is a seminar, presentation, teaching or workshop conducted online, can be liken to meetings, face-to-face meetings online delivered through the Internet media that can be attended by many people who are in different locations. Through this webinar we can interact directly, through images (video) or text (chat).

Midwifery Department Health Polytechnic of Semarang realizes the importance of this matter so that fact encourages midwifery majors to hold international conferences online in a Webinar on Wednesday, 15 July 2020.D





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