Purwokerto. Health systems with resource depletion in countries in the region are likely to face further challenges in the context of COVID-19 preparedness and management that poses a risk of disruption to health services for mothers, infants, children and adolescents, potentially resulting in death and maternal, infant, and child pain that can be avoided. Countries will need to make difficult decisions in balancing the need for COVID-19 treatment and continue to carry out strategic planning and coordinated action to continue providing essential health services, thus mitigating the risk of health system collapse. Routine and elective services need to be delayed or paused. In addition, if routine practices are already threatened by other needs, governance needs to be carried out with mechanisms and protocols that are simplified and specifically designed to mitigate system failures. The joint national goal during this pandemic must be to maintain equitable access to essential services during this emergency, thereby limiting direct deaths and avoiding an increase in indirect deaths.

Complementary services for pregnant, childbirth and childbirth women have experienced changes in their implementation because of this pandemic, care that has been known since ancient times by these ancestors is a way of handling the disease carried out as a supporter of conventional medical treatment or as an alternative treatment other than conventional medical treatment . The principle of complementary therapy is therapy that is given as a complement to the prevailing midwifery care standards. According to WHO complementary therapy is a non-conventional treatment that is not from the country concerned. The term complementary medicine or alternative medicine refers to a broad set of health care practices that are not part of the country’s own traditions. img_9736 img_9651






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Miss Julia

Dr. Melyana Nurul Widyawati, S.SiT, M.Kes

Rusmini, S.Kep.Ns, MH


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